It all started when...

My dad took me to a wedding. I was a young teen, and he was a wedding photographer. I started assisting him at weddings a lot, setting up lights and carrying equipment. And then one day, I picked up a camera. I fell in love, and the rest in history.


about me

Hi! I'm Lance Crawford, and I've been photographing lovebirds for over a decade. I've shot weddings and couples all over the southeast, from the white, sandy beaches of Florida to the Blue Ridge mountains of the Carolinas. My style is a mix of photojournalism and intentionally natural portraiture, and my hope is that my images are perceived as honest, subtle, and display the personality of the people in focus.

I live in the charming town of Asheville, NC with my lovely wife and our two boys. From the creative arts culture to the extraordinary natural scenes [not to mention the great food and beer], Asheville has stolen our hearts. Although not limited to the southeast for weddings or other projects, Asheville is Ultraviolet's hub.

In addition to spending time behind the lens, I love to be involved in the community of western North Carolina, particularly with at-risk youth. I enjoy live music and a good pilsner. You may even catch me hiking to Craggy Pinnacle or enjoying at the Biltmore Estate [with camera in hand, of course!]. And to be honest, sometimes I just prefer a Star Wars marathon on the couch.


Why Ultraviolet?

Standing in front of the camera can be a bit like your first day at a new school. You don't know where to sit or stand, or what to do. You feel a little lost and a bit vulnerable. 

Maybe photography seems stiff or uncomfortable. Overcoming the awkward, camera shy moments is what I do. Making people feel comfortable and helping them to warm up is my business! And trust me, we will create some AMAZING images together. But your wedding day is so much more than a photo shoot! It's an experience. If you'd like a comfortable experience that produces gorgeous and honest images with your personality, please let me know!

But don't take my word for it...