Who are you?

I'm Lance. Check out my about page for more info. Or, email me.

How'd you get into photography?

My dad is a photographer. As a young teen, I used to assist him at weddings, setting up lights and carrying equipment. And then one day, I picked up a camera. I fell in love and the rest in history.

What are your prices?

In the words of Jonas Peterson,

"There are a million wedding photographers out there. Take your time and find the one that appeals to you the most. Let your heart and gut guide you. Who speaks to you? Can you feel the story of your wedding day being told by that photographer? Are you here right now because your heart and gut tell you that I am that photographer? Then send me an email, tell me about you and your wedding. I love a good story. Let’s talk, it all starts there, who knows what will happen?"

So, do that. Let's chat. Partial-day wedding packages start at $1,200, full-day wedding packages start at $2400, and portraits start at $250. Contact me and I’ll send you the full price-sheet, and we'll start a conversation.

What have other people said about your work?

I'm glad you asked! Check out what people are saying at my...uh...What People are Saying page.

Can we meet?

Yes! If you live in or around Asheville, I'd be more than happy to meet up. If you live too far to meet, let's Skype or chat via phone!

Do you do headshots, family portraits, band photos, commercial photography, corporate events, etc.?

Yep! I specialize in weddings and outdoor portraits, but I'd be more than happy to discuss doing other projects (and I often do!).

Will you photograph my wedding? It's not in Asheville!

Absolutely! Although I'm based in Asheville, NC, I'm happy to serve clients anywhere. Let's talk about it.

What equipment do you use?

I use full frame Canon bodies (the 5d Mark III is my primary camera) and professional grade Canon glass (24-70mm F/2.8 L, 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS, and 16-35mm F/2.8 L lenses are always in my gear bag). I use a variety of other equipment including Canon flashes, MagMods, Pocket Wizards, and Paul C. Buff Einstein strobes for off-camera lighting. I wrote a blog about my equipment that you can check out here.

Why the name, "Ultraviolet"?

A couple reasons. But, mainly, this one.