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Wedding Day Tip from an Asheville Photographer

So, I've decided to turn this whole "wedding day tip" thing into an ongoing blog series. As I wrote about in my first post, wedding days can be a huge blur. There are tons of special, sentimental moments and lasting memories. And sometimes, these moments all blend together and become one big giant rush of adrenaline. There’s also a lot of moving parts and many people demanding your attention. Planning details ahead of time is crucial to a relaxed, blissful wedding day (yes, a relaxed wedding day is possible!). So, that's why I've created this series, Wedding Day Tips. This is mostly for the brides. Sorry fellas, you're just not as important. I'm kidding! Sort of. Anyway, here's a wedding day tip:


Seven Things a Bride Should Bring to Her Getting Ready Room

Do you want to make your photographer super happy? I mean...Do you want to have AMAZING photos that you will cherish forever of all your gorgeous details you spent so much time picking out for the most important day of your life?

I thought so.

Plan to bring these seven items to your getting ready room. Whether you’re in the bridal suite at your venue, a hotel, a cabin, or a church basement; bring these items to help your photographer grab some amazing detail shots quickly.

1. Rings.

Have all three of your rings in one box - your engagement ring, your wedding ring, and your groom’s wedding ring. If you’ve got some other combination of rings, bring those! Get these shots out of the way so your photographer is not chasing you down for your rings at the reception.

2. Other jewelry.

Wearing Grandma’s pearl earrings for your ceremony? Wearing a necklace? Bracelet? Other rings? Bring them! I know this seems obvious. Because it is. But, this is a list, and not everything on this list will be groundbreaking. So, just bring your jewelry, okay?

3. Shoes.

Whether you’re wearing designer shoes or slippers, make sure to bring them to your getting ready room. Wearing Converse All Stars at the reception? Bring those too! Bring all of the shoes.

4. Meaningful Items.

Something borrowed? Something blue? Bring 'em!

5. Flowers.

Sometimes all of the flowers are delivered to the venue. If you’re getting ready somewhere other than your wedding ceremony venue, make sure to grab your bouquets and bring them with you to your getting ready space. This is especially important if you’re doing bridal portraits or some group photos with your bridesmaids at this space. You’ll want to have those flowers on hand for some of the photos!

6. A Nice Hanger for Your Dress.

I realize “dress” is not on this list. That’s just too obvious. But what’s not too obvious is a really nice hanger for your dress. Your photographer will be getting some sweet photos of your dress (probably hanging in front of an open window or doorway), so you’ll want to compliment the dress with a sweet hanger. A nice wooden hanger will suffice, or you can opt for a custom hanger with your name on it.

7. Perfume.

You may not normally wear perfume. But, get this. The sense of smell is the most nostalgic of all the senses. That’s right, smells bring back memories. So, whether you normally wear perfume or not, try wearing a new scent of a really nice perfume for your wedding day. As an added bonus, a nice bottle makes for some nice photos! It might even be a good idea to get your groom’s opinion of the scent before purchasing. After your wedding day, only wear it for special occasions. Each time you wear it, memories for the both of you will come flooding into your mind and fill your heart and you live happily ever after. The End.