Wedding Day Tip: Delegate the Details | Asheville Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer who has participated in literally hundreds of wedding days, I’ve learned it’s important to delegate the details.


Wedding days can be a huge blur. There are tons of special, sentimental moments and lasting memories. And sometimes, these moments all blend together and become one big giant rush of adrenaline. There’s also a lot of moving parts and many people demanding your attention. Your mom is asking you where your dad’s boutonniere is. Your Aunt Sally wants a quick picture with you before the ceremony. Your bridesmaid is running late and needs directions to the salon. Your ring bearer is uncooperative and your flower girl is having a total meltdown. The list goes on.
But, there are ways to avoid the madness and make sure that the day goes smoothly so that you can focus on what really matters: you and the one you love making the decision to spend the rest of your lives together. No big deal, right? But seriously, everyone is there for that same reason. Why do you have to be the one to focus on everything else?

You delegate wedding photography, why not delegate smaller details?

One key to avoid the madness is to delegate the details to people you trust so you don’t have to worry about it. You hire a photographer so you don’t have to take a selfie on your iPhone during your first kiss (I know a great photographer, by the way!). You hire a florist so you’re not tying some roadside flowers together with a string at the last second. There’s no way you could pull off a large, elegant wedding ceremony and reception without the help of some qualified professionals. So, why not do the same thing with the details?


I would highly recommend hiring a professional day-of wedding planner to handle the medium to large task that somebody has to be in charge of. But, for the small details, delegate it to someone else you trust. And who could that be? Oh, I don’t know, maybe your closest friend whom you’ve already asked to play an important role on your wedding day? That’s right, your Maid of Honor! This is just a suggestion, of course. It could also be a close friends who’s not in the wedding party. It actually could be your Aunt Sally. But, please, whoever it is, delegate someone to take care of details. This day is about you, after all, and almost anybody you ask will be honored to serve that role. If she knows you at all, she’ll make some great small decisions and come to you with any decisions she needs your input on. Think of her like your agent. She’ll filter out annoying phone calls and put out any fires that don’t require your attention.

Delegating Tips from an Asheville Wedding Photographer

Here are some important tips on delegating the details:

  1. Pick someone you love and trust. She’ll be making small decisions for you. You want to trust this person with those decisions.
  2. Pick someone with good organizational skills. Make sure she’s usually punctual and organized. You want someone with whom you have full confidence they’ll get the little things accomplished.
  3. Inform everyone that she’s their go-to person.  At the rehearsal dinner, have this person make sure everyone else has her number so they can call and text if need be. No calling/texting the bride about wedding details except for an emergency!
  4. Give your vendors her number in case they can’t get ahold of your planner.
  5. Give her the responsibility of the rings, the flowers, and making sure all your bridesmaids are ready on time.
  6. Have her assist the photographer with group shots after the ceremony. This is obviously my favorite tip. I always have a list of groups shots, but it is SO nice when someone who knows most everyone’s name can help round people up. This eliminates so much wasted time and allows you and your wedding party to get the reception so much quicker!
  7. As other small task come to mind on your wedding day, have her do them! Let her know ahead of time that her job is to alleviate some stress for you. As long as there are clear expectations, this shouldn’t be a problem!
  8. Give her an AWESOME gift for being so awesome.

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